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Dieseko Group welcomes new agent in Kenya

Dieseko Group appointed East African Oilfield Services as the new agent in Kenya. The organization plays an important role in large infrastructure projects in the African country. Due to its intimate knowledge of the business landscape of East Africa, East African Oilfield Services is often called upon to act as project manager for large multi-faceted projects, particularly in remote locations. Its extensive logistics network enables East African Oilfield Services to deliver goods and services to customers on time and on budget. The agent will represent the complete product range of Dieseko Group and will offer all brands – ICE, PVE and Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs – to the Kenyan market.
Herman Thuss, Senior Sales Area Manager Dieseko Group: “I am very glad that we will be represented in Kenya from now on. The team of East African Oilfield Services is very enthusiastic and has a lot of knowledge of the local market. I am convinced we found the right partner for this cooperation.”
Craig Bridgman, chairman of East African Oilfield Services: “Due to its reputation for innovation and excellence, East African Oilfield Services is delighted to be working with the Dieseko Group. Our Chief Executive Officer, Mwendia Nyaga, and I look forward to introducing the Dieseko Group and its comprehensive portfolio of equipment for the commercial foundation industry to Kenya.”

Picture: Craig Bridgman, chairman of East African Oilfield Services

Low underwater sound levels with PVE 500M

As noise disturbance is getting more attention because of changing regulations and increasing public concern, Dieseko Group invests in solutions that minimize noise pollution. Recently an external expert carried out an independent test to measure underwater sound levels during the dismantling of offshore wind farm Lely.


Four piles having a diameter between 3200 mm and 3700 mm and a length of 26 m long were removed from the seabed by our largest vibratory hammer, the PVE 500M. The hammer creates a centrifugal force of almost 1100 mt at 500 kgm eccentric moment and 1400 rpm. The PVE 500M was not equipped with soundproofing measures, in order to understand the effect of our basic design. 
The results of the measurements are very promising. The German authorities, by means of the BMU 2013 “Konzept für den Schutz der Schweinswale vor Schallbelastungen bei der Errichtung von Offshore-Windparks in der deutschen Nordsee (Schallschutzkonzept)”, prescribes threshold values of 160 dB re 1μPa²s as a maximum Sound Exposure Level (SEL) and 190 dB re 1μPa as a maximum peak Sound Pressure Level (SPLpeak-peak) both at 750m from the source. 

The equivalent values obtained during several tests with Dieseko Group vibrators are 112 – 135 dB re 1μPa²s and 132 – 161 dB re 1μPa, which are substantially lower than the maximum allowed levels at 750m from the source. 
Therefore, it can be concluded that the application of Dieseko Group’s vibratory hammering techniques do significantly contribute to underwater noise reductions at offshore piling projects.

Dieseko Group launches out during Infratech 2017

From January 17th to 20th, Infratech took place, the most important exhibition for the infrastructure industry in the Netherlands. Dieseko Group launched out with a beautiful and outstanding booth, with an important eye catcher: the PVE RD260 Resonator. This foundation machine, that drives profiles without vibration because of the resonance technique, is a true innovation in the industry. The Resonator gained a lot of interest during the exhibition.

Jolanda van den Brink, Sales Director Benelux: “We are very satisfied with the number of visitors of the exhibition, and more specifically with the interest for our foundation solutions. Infratech is an important fair where we traditionally meet a lot of customers. We notice there is need for product innovation in our industry, the Resonator is a great example of such an innovative solution.”

Next to the Resonator, Dieseko Group also introduced some great images of the fully refurbished cabin of a Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs piling rig. The new cabin is fully ergonomic, and the machinist has a complete overview of the job site and the machine, which makes the workplace clear and safe. In addition, the redesign gives the rig a stylish and modern appearance.  


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