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PVE 35VM shapes Pier in Scheveningen

Soon the tourist attractrion, ‘The Pier’ in Scheveningen (The Netherlands), will be re-opened with a new giant Ferris wheel built on the Northern Island.

Within few weeks the Ferris wheel, which will have an impressive height of 45 metres should be finished. 36 gondolas for a maximum of six persons each will be attached to the wheel. Visitors of the gondolas will have a stunning view at this popular part of the Dutch coast.

Our client De Klerk Waterbouw is responsible for driving eight foundation piles. The piles are driven from the seaside. The vessel ms Biesbosch hosted our Woltman THW A-1200 PDS with our PVE 35VM vibratory hammer and PVE 1000 power pack. The job was successfully executed, as expected; within few weeks the first visitors of the Ferris wheel will be welcomed.

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