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Home | News › PVE 40VM prevents traffic jams in Jacksonville, Florida

PVE 40VM prevents traffic jams in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville suffers from serious bottlenecks in its infrastructure. Therefore, the local government invested into the main roads, to solve areas of backed up traffic. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) predicts that ‘express lanes’ are the proper solution for this challenge. A varying toll needs to be paid by each driver who wants to ride in the express lanes. Drivers will have the choice whether they are willing to spend their time in a traffic jam or not.
PVE 40VM, vibratory hammer, Jacksonville, Florida
Constructing these roads takes valuable time. For this project, Reliable Constructors, Inc chose to rent our PVE 40VM and a hydraulic boom truck crane in order to execute the job in a fast, effective and efficient way.

Thanks to its high frequency character and PVE’s variable moment (VM) system, the PVE VM hammers are safe to use in a hydraulic boom crane, without suffering from vibrations, like they do with conventional vibratory hammers.
With this combination 30 ft long 52’’ and 72’’ diameter piles are being driven into the ground for the new overhead directional highway signs for the new lanes.

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