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Dieseko Group obtains ISO 9001 status

- ISO as icing on the cake -

Recently, the Dieseko Group was granted the ISO 9001 certification. With this certification, the merger of ICE and PVE has now been officially validated by the internationally recognized ISO quality standards.

Ton Kraak, CEO of the Dieseko Group BV, is very pleased with the certification: “For us, ISO is the icing on the cake, the affirmation that processes within the holding are implemented at best and widely supported. The merger has been completed!”

By the end of 2008, the companies ICE and PVE merged within the Dieseko Group. Although the individually organisations both already were ISO certified, the integration of fine-tuning and linking processes has been finished. Kraak: “Yet consider that the physical merge did take place as late as February 2010, this is a remarkable achievement! ISO helps us to continuously monitor and optimize our processes, performances and service levels. Customers expect nothing less from us”.

The ISO certification has been guaranteed by LRQA for a period of three years with a bi-annual procedural check-up within the Dieseko Group.

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