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BARD Offshore 1 wind farm

The ‘BARD Offshore 1’ wind farm will be constructed around 100 km off the German coast. A total of 80 ‘BARD 5.0’ WECs, 5 MW each, constitute a 400 MW power plant.
The generated electric power is then transmitted to the public grid at a distance of about 180 km. This purpose requires around 100 km of submarine cable and 80 km of onshore cable to be laid. An outstanding challenge is to cross the island of Norderney. An innovative concept has been developed, together with experts from science and technology, to ensure that all pilot offshore wind power projects in the western North Sea can be connected via a very narrow cable trench across the island of Norderney. 

For this special needs PVE developed a Twin 200M Hydraulic vibrator.

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