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Piling & Vibro Equipment

Dieseko Group B.V.
Lelystraat 49
3364 AH Sliedrecht
T: +31 (0)184 410333
E: info@pve-holland.com

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Extensive package of services

PVE is widely known for the development, assembly and configuration of hundreds of vibro hammers and power packs. Tailor-made solutions are our speciality.

PVE 400M is a twin 200M vibratory hammer an innovative solution

Additionally, we offer an extensive package of services: support, advice, overhauls, maintenance as well as a wide range of rentals at attractive financial conditions.

Complete scope:

engineering - production - sales - rentals - advice - maintenance - revisions - repairs

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Good advice is the key to success

In order to supply the best practical solutions, cooperation is vital. The sooner we are involved in the process, the more efficiently the work can be completed.
Whether you are a designer, manager or engineer; we can support you with geological research, financial calculations or advising the correct technical specs.
The correct technical specification is crucial for each project. This involves careful calculations and research. PVE can assist in defining requirements and specifying the right configurations.

PVE-mission values customer advice cooperation

24/7 worldwide support

PVE offers you far beyond the just the supply of sustainable, high quality equipment.
We offer worldwide project and logistics management, co-ordinated by your personal contact(s) based in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. Our local offices and dealers can arrange fast delivery and transportation of equipment, as well as spare parts from stock. Additionally, the strategically based PVE service teams are on 24/7 standby for coordination, start-up and maintenance at site.
You are well supported - any time and any place!

24/7 PVE service all over the world

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