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Piling & Vibro Equipment

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Piling solutions

Nature can present us the most extreme environments to work in:
  • arctic conditions, dominated by snow, ice and temperatures far below zero
  • desert conditions, with sun, sand and scorching heat
  • offshore conditions, facing the incredible force of water
PVE 110M in Arctic Siberia

PVE is specialised in the enhanced development and innovation of vibro technology. We offer piling solutions for the most challenging (deep) foundation works; onshore or offshore, regardless of the conditions.

Knowledge by experience

Thanks to great involvement from our employees and customers, we have unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of leading vibro technology. For years, we listened and learned. Using our experience, we continue to develop and supply hundreds of vibratory hammers and power packs worldwide.

PVE vibratory hammers excellent in cold and heat circumstances

Advanced vibro technology enables PVE to deliver sustainable inventive products:
  • vibratory hammers and power packs with huge hydraulic power
  • advanced oil lubrication entity between -40 0C and +50 0C, onshore and offshore
  • computer driven iQan motor management with options such as GPRS tracking and remote monitoring

Urban construction sites

Working in urban areas requires understanding and dealing with specific issues:
  • minimal levels of noise and vibrations
  • limited site conditions
  • preservation of existing constructions
PVE 2350 vibratory hammer with variable moment in an urban area
PVE Vibratory hammer with variable moment.

Urban building involves careful piling with minimal intrusion on local communities. Our PVE machines meet the most stringent demands with regards to noise and vibrations.

PVE 4180 pressing machine next to building in Amsterdam
PVE pressing machine

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