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Piling & Vibro Equipment

Dieseko Group B.V.
Lelystraat 49
3364 AH Sliedrecht
T: +31 (0)184 410333
E: info@pve-holland.com

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Our business

PVE develops and produces vibratory hammers, power packs and related machinery for (deep) foundation works. We offer all-in piling solutions.

R&D - engineering - production - sales - rentals - services - repairs -revisions

Sustainable quality

Ever since 1985, PVE equipment has been produced in-house at the PVE plant in Sliedrecht The Netherlands. In doing so, our highly qualified employees use high-tech CNC driven milling and boring machines.
Thanks to supply chain integration with partners as Volvo, Caterpillar, Bosch Rexroth and Parker, we are able to deliver world's most solid, reliable vibratory hammers and power packs.
All PVE machinery is assembled and finished with utmost care and fully complies with the EU standards. In addition, PVE equipment must also meet ‘the green line’, PVE’s own quality standard to make sure you get world's best!

Tailor-made solutions

Practically all PVE products arise from foundation solutions. In fact, as each project has its own specific technical and financial challenges, tailor-made equipment has become standard with us!

PVE is widely known for building and modifying machinery for every challenge. All disciplines are indoors: engineering, production and maintenance. For us, supplying tailor-made specifications is daily practice.

Pipes with diameters up to 18m, power packs with more than 5000 kW? No problem, we deliver!

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