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Principle of a vibratory hammer

Elements are driven into the soil by generating vibrations in the adjacent soil particles in order to reduce the natural resistance. Depending on the technology used, these vibrations may vary from a limited spread to a perimeter of kilometers!

The dynamic weight of a hydraulic hammer or pile driver produces a high pulsating load at a low frequency. With a vibratory hammer, the opposite will occur: a relatively low steady load at a high frequency. Thanks to the low impact of the vibratory hammer, the risk of fractures and cracks is eliminated.

PVE 2335VM vibrataory hammer with variable moment in Nijmegen The Netherlands
A vibratory hammer is used to drive sheet piles, pipes or other elements into the soil by vertical vibrations. The adjacent soil particles are put into motion and thus the soil is 'loosened'. The dynamic weight of the hammer will drive the elements into the soil (extracting is done with a crane).

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When to use vibratory hammers

PVE vibratory hammers are used for a wide variety of projects. Apart from driving and extracting elements such as sheet piles and pipes, vibratory hammers are also used for soil densifying or vertical drainage. With vibro technology it is possible to drive offshore at a depth of 100m under water, e.g. for the driving of casings for gas and oil pipe lines.
PVE 2335VM vibratory hammer with variable moment driving mooring
A vibratory hammer drives elements into the soil through the centrifugal force of its eccentric weights. These weights are driven by hydraulically engined.

Vibratory technology is easier than most conventional technologies and it also cuts down operating time and costs!

What type of hammer?
What hydraulic vibratory hammer to use on site is depending on:
  • form, dimensions and weight of the elements to be driven
  • soil conditions at the site
  • presence of constructions close to the site

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