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Dieseko Group B.V.
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3364 AH Sliedrecht
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Tailor-made hydraulic powerpacks

The Dieseko Group originally started out as a manufacturer of powerpacks. Besides perfectly coordinated machine sets of powerpacks and vibratory hammers, powerpacks are also constructed for many other purposes.
Versatile use
Dieseko is perfectly at home with hydraulic drives, when it comes to chain hoists, recovery winches, hose reels, grippers, submersible pumps, dredger pumps, drilling rigs, cranes, offshore installations, vibratory hammers, impact hammers and a lot more.

PVE 3200 hydraulic powerpack assembled in Sliedrecht The Netherlands
Robust and certified
Dieseko offers the very highest quality as standard. After delivering thousands of powerpacks, Dieseko is perfectly placed to know how high-quality and robust powerpacks should be built. Advice and development take place on the back of specialised hydraulics and construction-related know-how. Emission norms are a major consideration during development activities and only the very best components are used during construction. Dieseko powerpacks feature an open hydraulic system as standard.
The CE norm is accompanied by strict safety and noise-related requirements, which are, of course, met by all Dieseko powerpacks. DNV certification is implemented in the offshore industry for e.g. lifting points.  An in-house testing area allows extreme conditions to be simulated (up to 60˚C), whereby safeguarding operational certainty and reliability in all conditions.  Speaking of operational certainty: Dieseko's rental fleet is used to test powerpacks under the severest of conditions - and we also have our own endurance test!

Intelligent, efficient and clean
The TIER 4 final emission norm for engines has been in effect in Europe since 2014. Dieseko uses Caterpillar or Volvo engines which comply with this norm, but has even gone a step further with the Dieseko iTimer.
This is an intelligent stop-start system which prevents the engine from running unnecessarily (when stationary) and thus helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. The iQan controls, which feature a CAN bus system, lead to high reliability while enabling tailor-made software.

PVE 600 with space for crane boom based on customer specifications

Construction based on customer specifications
Tailor-made hydraulic powerpacks. Dieseko is known for constructing tailor-made powerpacks for specific purposes when it comes to construction activities, the offshore sector, drilling rigs, shipping, heavy transport and dredging.
This involves using all the company's knowledge and experiences. Focus is always placed on the needs of the client, and ideas or preferences can always be the catalyst for a completely new powerpack. Dieseko is also able to modify its own series of powerpacks to suit customer preferences. In short, everything is possible and the experienced professionals at Dieseko are bound to surprise you with their innovative solutions.

PVE hydraulic powerpack for dredging pump
OEM Productions
Construction based on customer specifications. Dieseko allows suppliers of hydraulic equipment to also supply powerpacks which match their own technical specifications and designs, and are in keeping with their house style.
Operational certainty
Dieseko is able to offer maximum support thanks to its worldwide network and 24/7 service. And this also applies to spare parts, which are available from stock and can be delivered on-location within 24 hours.

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