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Dieseko builds IHC power pack

Succesful combi Dieseko Group power pack and IHC Hydrohammer at + 45 °C
- close engineering -

As assigned by IHC Hydrohammer, the Dieseko Group developed a high performance power pack as a driving unit for IHC S-280 Hydrohammers to be used in extreme conditions. 

With the order, the Dieseko Group has yet supplied a state-of-the-art configured power pack for the S-280 pile-driver of IHC Hydrohammer. The compact power pack generates long lasting power in the most extreme conditions, both onshore and offshore.

“The given product specifications were exceptionally challenging”, says Henri de Rooij, the engineer who coordinated the project all the way. “Full power between -20  °C and +45  °C, a hydraulic tank of 1500 liters, cooling down to 1000 kW and all this within the pre-defined dimensions!”

Initial sketches began in November 2009 and after months of sculpturing, the first prototype was built in the beginning of 2011 with a Caterpillar C18 diesel engine. Almost all components are tailormade. For instance, the separate pump prevents a return flow of the Hydrohammer, the air inlet has been horizontally positioned, the radiator has been isolated from the engine and the L-shape hydraulic tank has been ‘folded’ around the hydraulic cooler.

“Indeed, it was close engineering”, confirms De Rooij with a smile. “This power pack performs exceptionally well. We successfully tested it for more than an hour at full power at + 45  °C. Continuity and cooling performances are outstanding, as is the filter system that circulates about 3200 liters of oil!”

Yet another remarkable example of the engineering power of the Dieseko Group.

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