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Predicting impact and vibro drivability

Dynamic measuring for optimized project management
The company Geodrive is inherent in pile driving predications. PVE was one of the first partners of Geodrive to develop special software for analyzing pile drivability, yet generally  known as GeoWave. Impact and vibro drivability in a nutshell.

What installation
Among others, Geodrive offers programmes that simulate the pile driving process at different penetration levels. “In doing so, you can easily calculate what technique is most suitable with what installation”, says Geert Jonker, founder of Geodrive. “Regardless if you are dealing with sheet piles, platforms or wind farm foundations, you have to know in advance what equipment you need to do the job efficiently”.

As soon as foundation requirements are clear, based on the outcome of geotechnical survey, Geodrive joins in. Jonker: “When the specs are final and the tender has been published, contractors contact their suppliers for support. PVE ‘backs’ its recommended equipment with our driveability studies. This endorsement is highly appreciated by contractor and principal”.

Manual fine-tuning
The calculations are subject to several variables: soil conditions, location (as in soil type), nature and depth of the construction and additional restrictions as to e.g. sound or vibrations. “In short, we calculate how deep you have to drive at location X and with what type of vibro hammer”, explains Jonker. “We use a number of simulation and calculation models, mostly based on history. However, it is absolutely vital to fine-tune the results manually, as calibration is still limited. Especially with vibro hammers, this is where our year-long expertise and experience truly pays off!”

Dynamic measurements
Geodrive implements over 100 analyses annually for the Dieseko Group. When pile driving with a vibro hammer, the critical frequency area is easily passed and a sheet pile or pipe is driven in with relatively low levels of power or amplitude. Moreover, a pile can be ‘put into position’ in order to drive in later on. Jonker: “Especially with voluminous works such as offshore wind farms with lots of environmental issues, the use of (large) vibro hammers can be very beneficial.”

Dieseko developed and patented spectacular concepts, specifically for the usage of vibro hammers in constructing wind farms. Handling and pile driving times can be reduced with more than 40%, but the biggest advantage remains the minimum sound emission for environmentally healthy working conditions!

The close cooperation between Dieseko and Geodrive culminate in highly valuable information. Thanks to dynamic measurements on piles during vibro driving with special monitoring systems, Dieseko has accurate data on the load capacity of all sorts of piles and pipes. Its expertise on vibro technology continues to be world leading.

About Geodrive
Geodrive supplies both support, supervision and implementation of (dynamic) measuring for geotechnical works, mainly those in which impact and vibro pile driving technologies are involved. In addition, Geodrive develops software for geotechnical applications.

More info at www.geodrive.nl

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