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New PVE 300MU successfully working at Global Tech I project.

Time saving innovation in the offshore market

With the PVE 300MU Upending Vibro Hammer, Dieseko Group is trend setting in the innovative offshore market. By combining our vibro technology with up-ending and lifting we create an opportunity to save money by saving time and deck space missing the additional lifting equipment. A patent is pending on this 300MU-concept.

In Germany's North Sea we started in August 2012 working at Global Tech I. Here the 300MU has proven to be a successful offshore vibro foundation concept. Using this high quality and reliable equipment is the best strategie for running projects as planned, says Willi Balz, CEO of Windreich AG (read more>>)

How vibrating technology evolved due to a new type of vibro hammer

In the Offshore Wind Market saving time is gaining money as total project time decreases. Thus we listened to our customers and developed a new type of vibro hammer. This hammer does not only reduce driving time, but also important save on handling time.

During engineering, production and testing, TüV Süd certified building quality and procedures. After a final extensive load test in summer 2012 we received approval for our PVE 300MU vibro hammer including certification for upending and lifting.

On deck of the Innovation vessel this 300MU Upending Vibro Hammer brings horizontal stored piles into the vertical position from wich they are lifted, positioned and vibrated in one sequence.

Benefits using this 300MU Vibro Hammer are considerable time savings, reducing deck space occupancy and cost efficiency without additional equipment such as a separate internal lifting tool.

For Hochtief in August this PVE 300MU has successfully vibrated the first piles offshore, ranging from 48 to 70 meters length and a diameter of 2,5m with a total weight up to 350 ton.
Global Tech I

The 300MU is initially developed for Hochtief as contractor in the Global Tech 1 wind park. This 400MW project counts 80 turbines in the German EEZ-zone in the North Sea. This project started in August 2012 and upon completion in 2013 it will deliver electricity for an equivalent of 445.000 households.

The turbines will be build on tripod foundations. Three piles anchor a tripod foundation so the 300MU will drive 240 piles. The 300MU is on deck of the Innovation vessel and powered by the giant hydraulic power unit PVE 3200. This power unit is equipped with 4 Volvo engines, over 3000 HP and delivers 3200 l/min oil flow.

Dieseko and Offshore: vibrating technology in this highly competitive market

As our core business is vibro technology we consider innovation as a fundamental need to be leading in the offshore wind market. We are market leader in developing and supplying the right foundation equipment to take advantage of the current energy change. Dieseko Group offers with vibro technology lowest noise emission levels for sea life and environment. Our technology is also highly efficient and time saving. With a specialised R&D department and a long term relationship with geotechnical specialists, we have all disciplines in-house to provide the competitive edge.

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