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Home | News › Fundamenta reported H-beam load test results in Santos (Sao Paolo).

Fundamenta reported H-beam load test results in Santos (Sao Paolo).

At the building site Fundamenta compared hammering vs vibrating. The H-beam was driven with a hydraulic impact hammer of Mait and in the same area a smaller H-beam was driven with the HKV 1100 vibratory hammer.
After 18 days the soil was closed and a PIT-test (static load test) was made on both piles.
The load test proved the superiority of the vibrating technique. With a smaller beam the load charge is better and the soil is improved. Other positive points reported: less noise pollution during driving, easy penetrating and less ressonance.
Fundamenta is very happy with the results. Finally they have a proven method for driving beams without hammer blasting. In the urban areas of Sao Paolo the Variable Moment has proven to be quiet, fast and reliable!

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