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XXL Monopiles vibrated into Cuxhaven (German) soil

At the test site of RWE in Cuxhaven a 93 ton steel monopile which disappears into the ground in seconds. The offshore industry is testing a new art of constructing a wind farm, which test is essential for the industry.


Should it live up to the expectations it can lead up to in saving millions of money for the offshore industry and protect sea life and people?


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Dieseko Group member of the FPAL Database

Due to high quality demands in offshore market, Dieseko Group b.v. has decided to become a member of the FPAL Database. Our Achilles FPAL certificate of registration is granted in May 2014 and we look forward to expanding our offshore activities. Our membership listing can be found on www.fpal.com

The PVE Giant Vibro Drilling Concept

The PVE Giant is a spectacular modular Vibratory Hammer. Smart engineering solutions and huge power capacity, up to 43.000 kN, create the perfect equipment for driving monopiles up to 8m in diameter. 

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