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Resonating and drilling combined.

Without doubt, the PVE Resonator is the most important innovation in the field of vibro technology since 20 years. Without vibration, a profile is brought to its natural frequency, as a result of which it drives itself into the ground like a spring. A new application is now available for this vibration-free technology: a combination of resonating and drilling. With this leader-guided combination of Resonator and rotary head, we created a powerful tool with new applications such as the placement of tubes (up to 30 metres long), micropiles and anchors that are driven into the ground quickly and without vibration. On the photographs, 37 metre long tie bars were being installed.
This Resonator-Drill combination is now available for rent from the Dieseko Group.

DIESEKO GROUP BV Introduces resonance technique

DIESEKO GROUP BV will introduce the PVE Resonance Driver.
Vibratory hammers have been manufactured since the 1930's and, since then, they have evolved in just a few steps to the current models. From electric to hydraulic hammers, from low-frequency to high-frequency hammers and from fixed to variable moment hammers. And now, with the introduction of the resonance technique, it's time for a new step.

PVE RD260 resonator is a resonance driver

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