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NPM Capital is new financial partner for Dieseko Group B.V.

Private equity firm NPM Capital is taking a majority interest in Dieseko Group BV.
With NPM Capital, Dieseko would like to expand and perfect its range of products and services and strengthen the international (service) network via well-targeted acquisitions, among other things. 

NPM will support Dieseko with the expansion of its activities by providing both financing and know-how. One of the group's strategic aims is to strengthen the international position and growth, particularly in China and Brazil.

The company currently employs 120 staff at the head office in Sliedrecht and many other people at the branches in Singapore, Brazil and China. Local, independent dealer companies take care of sales and support activities abroad. The many innovations and the strong discipline in relation to rental, service and, above all, know-how, have enabled the company to create a cast-iron position for itself in the market.
Dieseko is warmly welcomed into the NPM family. “We are delighted with the new investment because it fits perfectly into our mission”, says NPM CEO Jan Willem Baud. “Dieseko’s technology and the product package are constantly under development and promise to deliver many new applications. The directors have a healthy degree of ambition in terms of strengthening the worldwide niche. For this reason, we are delighted to be able to provide the growth capital required to take the company to the next level and help realise its potential.”
The interest of the current directors will largely be retained. The executive team comprises Ton Kraak and Jan van Es, who will continue to fulfil the directorial function. 

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