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Double container terminal capacity, Nijmegen The Netherlands


Placing 700 AZ sheet piles of 10-20m over a length of 310 meter for a new loading and unloading facility
Location:Nijmegen, Nederland
PVE 2335VM + PVE1000, PVE 2319VM + PVE 800
ICE 14RF + ICE 800, ICE 18RF + ICE 800
Data:December 2013 - Januayi 2014

Innovative attitude of Dieseko deciding factor for Terracon

At the start of December 2013, Terracon Funderingstechnieken from Werkendam were given the green light to install a 310-metre quay wall for a new loading and unloading facility in Nijmegen. The entire project was taken on by the contractors Colijn and Reef Infra. The client is Binnenlandse Container Terminal Nijmegen, or BCTN for short. The new quay is situated in the River Waal and will signify a doubling in the BCTN’s capacity. Terracon, a sister company of Colijn, were awarded the contract based on their alternative design, comprising a curtain wall and an anchoring wall, with horizontal anchors in between. Pieter Kastermans, Terracon's director, explains: “The installation of ground anchors is a fairly costly operation, so we looked for a cheaper alternative that delivers the same quality. Our proposal was to construct the anchor wall from left-over sheet piles from another project in Nijmegen: the Waal Quay. This reuse of materials resulted in huge savings for the client.”


Historical delay

After working for a period of six weeks, Terracon successfully completed the piling job at the end of January. The 300 AZ-profile sheet piles for the curtain wall, which varied in length from 17.75 to 19.75 metres, were all installed without a hitch. However, the piling of the 400 or so anchor wall sheet piles from the Wall Quay (varying in length from 10.5 to 11.5 metres) wasn't without problems. A Junttan PM26 king post was fitted with a 14 RF vibratory hammer for this purpose and during the preparations, it appeared to be merely a question of taking the sheets from the lorry and piling them smoothly into the ground. But unfortunately the process was delayed by historical objects found in the soil and a layer of fly ash that had once been dumped at the site. A number of 'reused' sheets were also found to have been piled incorrectly originally, meaning that their quality left a lot to be desired. 

Four vibratory hammers

“We completed this task using a total of four Dieseko hydraulic vibratory pile drivers, all of which were connected to a PVE 800 or an environmentally friendly 1000 power pack," says Kastermans. “Initially we went for three vibratory hammers suitable for the type of quay wall we had to install and for the ground, based on the tests that were carried out on site. The 2335 of these three is ours. The 14RF vibratory hammer and the 2319VM were rented from Dieseko, as was the 18RF, which we used later on because the piling proved very difficult with the 14RF, due to the obstacles in the ground and the time that it took to drive in each pile.”



One of the overriding reasons why Terracon has already been working with Dieseko for 25 years, is its strategy to contribute continuously to more efficient and cleaner building, benefiting the environment and the contractor. This advancement means that Dieseko is continually bringing power packs on the market that have been developed in accordance with the latest environmental standards. Recent examples are the fuel-saving start-stop system on the power packs and the use of AdBlue Technology, leading to the limitation of harmful soot, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Kastermans: “Terracon specialises in trickier projects, for example in city centre areas or involving stringent safety regulations. Partly as a result this, we consider Dieseko to be a real partner, since the company not only has a wide arsenal of pile drivers, but their systems are also the most reliable and start of the art. 


Dieseko's progressive attitude is one of the main draws for Terracon. Corporate Social Responsibility is of paramount importance to the foundation specialist and as extension of this, the company attaches great value to the relatively new concept of 'environmental management'. By the nature of its operations, Terracon almost always causes a nuisance to the environment, yet the focus is on carrying out this 'seemingly conservative' work using the very latest technology and applications. A project can have an impact beyond the site itself. In residential areas, for example. And this specialist is committed to factoring in and realising the relevant interests of all stakeholders. Kastermans concludes: “Dieseko's innovative and future-oriented strategy ties in seamlessly with our vision of social responsibility, which is why we very deliberately choose sustainable materials, so that we are ready for the future.” 

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