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The King in our backyard

Description:   Installation Z-profile sheet piles for Het plaatje project.
Location:   Sliedrecht, Nederland
Machines:   PVE 2335VM en de PVE 2350VM
Date:   Start September 2014 – Mid November 2014

Gebroeders de Koning started work on the ‘Het Plaatje’ project in Sliedrecht at the start of September 2014. Het Plaatje is located between the Molendijk and the Merwede and features a harbour basin. In collaboration with several large Sliedrecht-based companies, the site is being developed and prepared for high-quality maritime activities. The development process features four phases. The site will be opened up, the surface will be raised, the port will be excavated and then a new quay wall will be installed.

2600 tonnes of steel will be used, of which 2000 tonnes for the sheet piles.

Papendrecht-based Gebroeders De Koning has been awarded the assignment for installing the new quay wall. At this moment in time (October ’14), a quay is being created near the old port, which involves removing the old foundations and deepening the fairway to between -5 and -8 NAP. Sheet piles with a Z profile are also being installed and fixed in place using anchors. The outer edges of the quay wall are being finished with tubular piles in order to connect everything effectively and improve aesthetics. The sheet piles are between 20 and 23 metres in length. AZ20 700 sheet piles are being used for the 20-metre wall and AZ36 700 sheet piles for the 23-metre wall.

A metal tube is also being installed, which has a diameter of around 1600 and is 22 metres in length. The metal tube will later serve as a foundation for the port crane.

Variable Moment vibratory hammers PVE 2335VM and PVE 2350VM are being implemented for the project. The advantage of Variable Moment vibratory hammers is that they help to avoid unwanted vibrations when they are started and stopped. It is also better for the crane, because it is exposed to fewer vibrations, and better for the surroundings. 

From the quay onwards, less intensive sheet-pile vibration work is being carried out using the 2335VM, which has an eccentric moment of 0-35 kgm. The more intensive sheet-pile vibration work is being carried out with the 2350VM, which has an eccentric moment of 0-50 kgm. Vibrations which can cause damage to buildings or sensitive equipment are measured using the Profound Vibra. This device accurately and continuously measures all vibrations in 3 directions, whether they are caused by traffic, vibratory hammers, pile-driving work or demolition activities. The ground-based vibrations measured by the Profound Vibra are consistent with norm 6 Cat 2 SBR 281 36 Hz.

Mr. Mark Lommerde from Gebroeders de Koning says he is very satisfied with the PVE 2335VM & 2350VM machines - ‘they meet all our expectations.’

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