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DIESEKO GROUP BV Introduces resonance technique

DIESEKO GROUP BV will introduce the PVE Resonance Driver.
Vibratory hammers have been manufactured since the 1930's and, since then, they have evolved in just a few steps to the current models. From electric to hydraulic hammers, from low-frequency to high-frequency hammers and from fixed to variable moment hammers. And now, with the introduction of the resonance technique, it's time for a new step.

PVE RD260 resonator is a resonance driver

Not a vibratory hammer
The Resonance Driver can no longer be called a vibratory hammer, because it no longer works on the basis of eccentric mass. The resonance technique is a cylindrical principle operating at a very high frequency from 100 to 180Hz (6000 to 10,000 rpm), the so-called ‘resonance’.
PVE Resonator Simple working principle of a resonance driverThe principle
At the moment when the ideal resonance is reached, the energy is utilized, by way of the profile, to penetrate the soil at extremely high speeds and with a minimal amplitude. The resonance technique is so efficient because it transfers all of the energy to the place where it is needed: the end of the steel sheet pile, pipe or H-beam. This generates enormous g-forces from 100 to 200g! By way of comparison: A conventional vibratory hammer generates approximately 9g, and if you are in danger of losing control of your car in a curve, a force of about 2g is produced.
Compared with this new resonance technique, a great deal of the energy produced by the current generation of vibratory hammers is lost. This happens because a relevant percentage of the energy generated is used to make the soil move during the vibratory process. And that is something that a Resonance Driver doesn't do. So, there is no loss of energy, and none of the energy from the vibrations is lost to the surroundings.
The Resonance Driver has some impressive advantages: no vibrations are lost to the soil and surroundings, the high-speed resonance means that the work proceeds faster, and the new technique has a wider range of applications than the vibratory hammer technique. And taking into account its compact construction, the PVE Resonance Driver is a true innovation in the field of foundation engineering! The hydraulic PVE RD260 has a compact construction and weighs just 1500kg.
For the introduction of the resonance technique, Dieseko Group BV collaborated with Resonance Technology International as a partner that has been doing research and development in this area for many years. Now that this technique has been fully developed, it can be utilized around the world. Dieseko Group BV has obtained the world-wide licensing rights for this technique.

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