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Sustainable savings with the i-Timer

The Idle Time Reducer (i-Timer)
The i-Timer of PVE is the newest solution to further reduces of fuel consumption and emissions (NOx) of the hydraulic powerpacks. The international roadmap to cleaner engines currently ends at the Tier 4 Final qualification. The i-Timer of PVE will take the cleanliness of the engines one step further as an option to a significant reduces of the carbon footprint. The i-Timer automatically shuts down the engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Shutting down the engine when it is not under workload is simply the most effective way to work more efficient.

sustainable savings with PVE hydraulic powerpacks with i-Timer

Technology of the i-Timer
In association with the manufacturers of the diesel engines used in the hydraulic powerpacks the R&D department of PVE has found a reliable solution to start and stop the engines. It has been integrated in the iQAN system for optimal regulation. The engine will shut down automatically, restarting the engine occurs manually (by remote control).
Safety of the i-Timer
The i-Timer shuts down the diesel engine automatically when it is not under workload. Before safely turning off the engine, processes need to be stopped or paused safely as well. Special modifications have been made to achieve this. For instance, the hydraulic pressure remains throughout the system. This is especially an important safety feature for the clamping systems to prevent objects from falling when currently being clamped.
PVE hydraulic powerpack with i-Timer start-stop system
Smart and durable saving
A significant percentage in fuel saving can be achieved thanks to the i-Timer. A hydraulic powerpack runs approximately 4:1, which means only one of four hours the powerpack is running to its full capacity. By shutting down the engine the remaining three hours, fuel savings will be up to 35%! Your own financial benefit can be calculated through our calculation module.
The i-Timer is one of the smart saving innovations. Thanks to this innovation the running time can be reduced to up to 75% and it will extend the maintenance interval up to 4 times! This also means less replacement of wear and tear parts, transport and maintenance hours. The i-Timer contributes to a substantial longer economic life with lower annual costs.
The Idle Time Reducer (i-Timer)
The i-Timer contributes to the environment as well to the user
Developing durable equipment in every way is our mission. PVE puts more than 40 years of experience and specialized knowledge in the development of their equipment with a central role for the end user. Thanks to environmental friendly innovations, emissions are reduced to meet the international emission regulations without compromising the demanded power. By doing this PVE develops equipment that sets the international standard. The iTimer as PVE’s newest savings solution illustrates this business approach.

PVE hydraulic powerpack with Tier4 technology engine
In the Tier 4 Final engines the nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions have been reduced up to 95% and particulate matter (pm) have almost been disappeared altogether. This has been achieved by integrating advanced fuel injection systems, optimised motor management and afterburners in the exhaust system. Furthermore PVE applies the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) AdBlue system to reduce the NOx emissions, the major air pollutant, to an absolute minimum. AdBlue is especially used to reduce emission of this pollutant. It reduces harmful emissions through a chemical reaction into harmless nitrogen and water.
The ultimate paradox about these ultra-clean engines is that they have slightly higher fuel consumption and require more maintenance.
That is exactly why Dieseko Group has developed the i-Timer.
Aftermarket options.
The i-Timer can also be installed on previous or existing models of powerpacks. Especially then a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 75% is possible! Only pre-installation of the iQAN system is required. Dieseko Group can provide you of further information.

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