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Challenging project at the Neherkade in The Hague

Project:   Reconstruction and tunnelling Neherkade
Location:   The Hague, Netherlands
Equipment:   PVE 23VMA, 2350VM en de PVE 4180
Date:   March 2014 – May 2015
    Photo's received from Sterk
The Municipality of The Hague has created a time lapse video where our pile-driving technology plays a starring role. This interesting development project involves incorporating road-building and hydraulic engineering. The separate disciplines in the video, which are performed by various contractors, show exactly why the Netherlands excels in this kind of engineering.
The Neherkade, which is a major link in The Hague's road network, is being reconstructed. The quay will become wider, an underground passage will be constructed (a short tunnel) near the Leeghwaterplein and more space will be created for green features.  This new design was needed to improve traffic flow for 27,000 vehicles per day and to enhance air quality. The existing constructions around the construction pit (flats and listed buildings) are a very challenging feature in the project.

Neherkade reconstructie Den Haag

Tunnel section

In order to allow traffic to flow smoothly, the Besix – Dura Vermeer consortium has built the first tunnel section of the 160-meter tunnel slightly to the east of the crossing. This section, which weighs 2400 tonnes, was put in place using heavy lifting equipment within the space of a day. This meant the Neherkade only had to be closed for a very short period, thus reducing problems for the surroundings. This was done after Sterk Midden Nederland BV had installed a sheet pile pit and various dividing screens.
(We thank Sterk Midden Nederland that we are allowed to use some of their pictures) 

Neherkade reconstructie Den Haag plan  

Quay expansion
Sub-contractor Sterk is constructing components like a long combi-wall so the quay can be expanded, as well as a sheet pile pit and accompanying dividing screens so traffic flow can be guaranteed. Sterk is also addressing the existing quay wall. Due to accessibility issues, tubes and sheet piles are being installed from the water. This is being realised using a double pontoon tubees are also being placed from the water.
This is a very challenging project because of the strict schedule and because many parties are involved in construction-related activities at the site.
This was also demonstrated in the time lapse video placed by the Municipality of The Hague on its YouTube channel.

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