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GEKA creating new harbour basin at GATE terminal near Rotterdam

Project:   Combi-wall for a GATE terminall
Location:   Maasvlakte, The Netherlands
Equipment:   PVE 110M and the PVE 2350VM
Date:   January 2014 – July 2016
NV Nederlandse Gasunie and Koninklijke Vopak NV are initiators and partners in the GATE Terminal (Gas Access To Europe). The GATE terminal will be used for the storage and transshipment of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), and will also prepare gas for delivery to the Dutch gas network.

LBBR project Rotterdam

The consortium started to build the new LNG Break-Bulk Rotterdam infrastructure close to its plant at the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam. These activities mean a new harbour basin needs to be realised.

In 2014, the Port of Rotterdam started excavation activities for the new harbour basin next to the GATE terminal. In January 2015, GEKA Bouw B.V. then started pile-driving activities for combi-walls (hollow pipes with sheet piles in between) for this new basin at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam.
 This new harbour basin will become operational in the first six months of 2016. Completion of construction activities, related commissioning and the first loading activities have all been scheduled for the end of July 2016.
At his moment in time, Woltman pile drivers 1000FR and A-1000PDS, internationally known as PVE 160PR and PVE 1000PDS, are being used for the activities via an SCX800 crane. The pipes are being placed using a PVE 110M vibratory hammer. The space between the pipes is being immediately filled using inter-welded sheet pile sections. They are being placed using a PVE 2350VM vibratory hammer, using 3 PPK 175T clamps on a single deflecting plate. The installation of pipes and sheet pile walls requires a great deal of precision. The experts at GEKA are being assisted in these activities by the high quality products offered by the Dieseko Group.

110M & 2350VM maasvlakte
LNG Break Bulk Rotterdam
The LNG Break Bulk Rotterdam (LBBR) project is a transshipment plant where smaller quantities of liquid natural gas can be pumped to bunker vessels and small tankers for inland transport and short sea shipping. This will allow LNG to be distributed to other areas in the North-West of Europe or to the European hinterland, where it can be used as a cleaner fuel for sea vessels, ferries, lorries and industrial purposes.
One of the main reasons for this project are the stricter emission-related requirements which will come into effect for sea vessels and lorries in 2015. LNG is the only fossil fuel which meets these environmental requirements because it has lower emissions than petroleum-based fuels, and results in almost zero particulates.
This new plant is expected to encourage the use of liquid natural gas (LNG) as a clean and affordable fuel for the transport sector in the Netherlands and North-west Europe.
We would like to thank GEKA Bouw BV for supplying the photos


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