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Pressing machines

PVE 4240

Pressing machines - for delicate situations
The PVE pressing machine is a leader guided multifunctional machine, which is used to press sheet piles into the ground. During operation the pressing machine does not generate any vibrations. As the pressing machine presses the piles into the ground, rather than vibrating or hammering, the ground is not disturbed and the impact on the surroundings is almost zero.

A perfect solution for your inner city foundation project.

Pressing Technique
The main principle is the use of the four hydraulic cylinders that push the sheet piles into the soil. Oil pressure is provided by the rig or an additional power pack. The four independently working cylinders are equipped with clamps holding the same number of sheet pile sections. Pressing one sheetpile section alternates holding to the other sections.

Pressing machines can drive:
• U profiles
• Z profiles

See a PVE pressing machine working in a youtube movie 

Pull Force (320 bar): 500 kN
Push force (320 bar): 800 kN
Total weight (incl. clamps): 6850 kg
Pull Force (320 bar): 850 kN
Push force (320 bar): 1250 kN
Total weight (incl. clamps): 14500 kg
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