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PVE RD430 Resonator

The Resonator, driving without vibrations


In case you are looking for a foundation solution for delicate jobs, consider the PVE RD430 Resonator. This particular machine is built based on resonance technique. The Resonator has a high frequency piston cylinder arrangement, that operates at between 60 and 160 Hz (2400 to 10800 rpm) and has no eccentric mass. The sonic frequency causes the steel to resonate, which makes the pile act like a spring that drives itself, without any vibration. This zero vibration solution is very suitable for delicate applications such as inner city foundation projects. 

  • Unique technology working without eccentric mass
  • High production speeds because of rapid insertion
  • Light and compact construction
  • Suspendable from telescopic mobile crane 


  • Because of zero vibration very suitable for job sites near fragile buildings, rail ways or inner city surroundings
  • Installation of HP piles, tubular piles, and casings.


Max. frequency:
2400 - 10800 rpm
Max. amplitude incl. clamp:
3 - 6 mm
Max. static line-pull:
400 kN


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